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  • Rated current: Based on the temperature rise not exeeding 45
  • Insulation: AC 2000V 1 minute between line & line
  • Insulation resistance: 100M min when DC 500V between line & line
  • Operating temperature : -25 to 105


  • Line filters suppressing conductive noise ranging from to frequencies generated at power supply circuits of various electronic equipment
  • Wide inductance range
  • Current up to 15 Amps
  • Many styles available
  • High levels of safety and reliability
  • Easy PC board mounting available as vertically or horizontally mounted


  • Suppresses noise in DC circuits for switching regulators
  • Protects primary AC side from being affected by a switching regulator
  • Filters noise emitting from ultrasonic equipment
  • Filters electrostic noise from power and signal lines
  • Eliminates contact noise
  • Filters incoming spike noise for Ics and equipment using microcomputers
  • Minimizes noise emissions for conforming to FCC, VCCI, FTZ, CISPR, JTTC and VDE
  • Minimizes noise emissions from inverters
  • Applies Equipment : TV, VCR, Switching power sources, NC machines, Computer systems
  • Peripheral units and measuring instruments